Busi Work: 

Will, Camille, Korina, Richa, Kevin


  • Be honest with each other about our expectations
  • Uplift other group members with a positive attitude
  • Take criticism with a light heart (we’re just here to help)
  • Push each other to be the best possible writers and students
  • Equal contributions and always remember to work as a team
  • Decisions are to be made in a democratic process
  • Be encouraging of other’s writing styles
  • R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Thoroughly review others work (treat other people’s work like you want yours to be treated)



“The Good Guys”:

Lotte, Owen, Matt, Alexis, Addi

Peer Review


  • Straight-Up, To the point
  • Priorities: everyone pulls their weight, concise communication, highlight both strengths and weaknesses, listening to recommendations, honesty, constructive criticism, clarity of expectations, respect
  • Everyone has a different writing style and that is okay
  • Provide suggestions after having read the piece at least one time first
  • Conflict Resolution: Majority-Rules, Talk it out
  • Primary Means of Communication: GroupMe



Rip-Away 1000s:

Taylor, Sarah, Justin, Francisco


  • Agree on timelines and stick to them
  • Read ALL material before making any corrections or suggestions -and if you do, go back and change your comments after you’re done
  • NEVER change someone else’s work without their consent
  • Read pieces multiple times
  • Don’t take constructive criticism personally
  • Don’t be overly critical to the point where it’s offensive or rude
  • Primary method of communication: texting (text back to the best of your ability)
  • Everyone puts in an equal effort to accomplish all group assignments and goals
  • Majority rules
  • Address all conflicts with respect and honesty



Risky Business:

Kathryn, Alex, Claudia, Andrew, Alex


Make sure you are responsive and communicative. Make responses constructive, yet respectful. Build each other up and work for the benefit of the group. Attend class and scheduled meetings. Put forth your best work and try to see things from other people’s points of view. Discuss issues as soon as possible and work together to find a solution. No questions are stupid questions. Don’t degrade your own work. Ask for everyone’s input. Stay focused and productive.