Each TUESDAY, we will be doing a roundup of the latest business news, so part of your participation grade is participating in the discussion. To do so, you will need to read at least one major business publication a week (Wall Street Journal, New York Times Business Section, Barrons, Financial Times, The Economist, etc.). Once your groups have been established we will rotate the group that will take the lead in the Tuesday roundup.


SCHEDULE (assignments and readings due on the dates they are listed)

AUGUST (readings are due on the day that they are listed; they are also subject to change)


T 22 Course Introduction and Networking session

Introductory Letter Assignment introduced

Questions about Syllabus

NOTE: Two Career Services events of interest on Aug 24: The Linked In Experience (free headshot) and Food Truck Rodeo Fall Kickoff


Th 24 Introductory Letter Assignment Due to Sakai Dropbox before class begins

Questions about Syllabus Discussion

Unit 1 Introduction

UCS and Business School early introduction: Things to check out now

Class Activity:

Group 1: UCS Events

Group 2: Business School Events

Group 3: College of Arts and Sciences Events Calendar and OUR Events (Office of Undergraduate Research)

Group 4: DTH/Indy Week

Google Doc for Events


Homework–Find a Job/Internship:

Become familiar with the University Career Services and Careerolina at

Create a profile with Careerolina and start searching for internships/jobs that interest you! Check out,, or your favorite company websites also for job postings.

Resume-workshop (powerpoint)


T 29 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (whole class)

Due: Post the job for which you are applying to Sakai Dropbox by start of class.

Sample Resumes / Sample Job Posting

Due: Feeder Assignment #1 rough draft due in class (Resume) (no need to print out: we will post to Google Docs before class)

In class (below)

Resume Bullet Rewriting Activity 

Action Verbs for Resumes


Part-Time Job Fair (On & off campus jobs- like Well Fargo. Bring resume!)

 Kenan-Flagler Open House (by registration only) at Koury Auditorium.

On Wednesday (8/30), Resume/Cover Letter workshop with guidance from UCS counselor.


Th 31

Feeder Assignment #1  good draft workshop 2 Due in class (having revised your bullet points following our resume bullet rewriting activity)



Group Credo




T 5 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Busi Work leads discussion)

Feeder Assignment #1 final due ( POST FINAL COPY OF JOB SPECIFIC RESUME AND A COPY OF YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION [pasted to bottom of resume doc]   TO SAKAI/DROPBOX by 11:59pm

Last Minute Resume Questions



Researching your company: How do you do this?

Cover Letters

Cover-Letter-Workshop2-1 (UCS Cover Letter GuideSample Cover Letter 1 and Sample Cover Letter 2, KFBS Cover Letter Sample   and the “The Awful Cover Letter“), they want I have

Cover Letter Activity


Bell Tower Toastmasters –Join a club focused on improving rhetorical skills and leadership by practicing public speaking situations

How to Rock it at the Career Fair & Approach RecruitersLearn how to make the most out of the upcoming Career Fair




Th 7

Feeder Assignment #2 draft  due in class (Cover letter)

Peer Review Workshop Cover-Letter-peer-review-worksheet-v21


Music on the Porch

Monday (9/11)- Resume Rescue for a review of your resume.




T 12 Tuesday Roundup of Business News ( “The Good Guys” leads discussion)

Feeder Assignment #2 final due (Cover letter)  (Post to Sakai DropBox–include the job description again) Due at 11:59pm.

Tone Activity

Interview Signup (Tuesday the 3rd and Thursday the 5th only)

Ted Talk

Online Resources:



Adobe Spark :How to Build a Website with Spark


Reclaim Hosting



Th 14

Class with Dayna Durbin

Tar Heel Writing Guide–Read Chapter on Writing in Business and Chapters 1, 3, and 10


In class; THWG Citation Workshop, Plagiarism recap, and Business Writing info


Dayna’s Presentation


Homework for tuesday the 19th:

STAR-Interviewing-Method-and-Social-Media-Review3LinkedInLAB MOCK-INTERVIEW-QUESTIONS(finish answering questions before THURSDAY 9/21)



T 19 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Rip-Away 1000s leads discussion)

Plagiarism Quiz



Interview Practice

Fall Job and Internship Expo (Nonprofit and for profit full time positions) with companies like BMW and General Electric


Homework for Thursday 9/21 :Read Business Writing Conventions and Expectations       MOCK-INTERVIEW-QUESTIONS      Group Survey


Th 21


Armacell Visit

Interview Practice / Beyond behavioral interviewing (Case interviews)

Two Interviews Game



T 26 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Risky Business leads discussion)

Unit 2 Introduction

Business Ideas: what makes a good idea? vs. What makes a good pitch?

Pitch Guide

Group Activity

Homework for Thursday September 28th: Install Adobe Premier Pro, Watch

Making Videos “Movie Trailer” Video, Read THWG Chapter 5 (you do not need to do the activities)


Wednesday, September 27th, 11am – 12pm  – Make an Impact with Data Visualization – Register  (data visualization is useful for both data analysis and creating infographics)



Th 28—-Class in MRC

Making Your Pitch Video

Adobe Premier Pro

Survey for Feedback Times on Unit 1


F 29-

Application Package Due at 11:59pm( post all documents to Sakai/Dropbox)By 5:00 pm today: email application package to your interviewer (email template) (job description, cover letter, and resume–remember to use .pdfs)

Check out Crash Campaign Competition


T 3

Interviews : Interview-Checklist

BIP Intro: Read What’s-in-a-Business-Information-Report?

Read samples: Business Report Student ExampleFood and Beverage Business Plan exampleTHWG Chapter 4 and 6

Survey for Feedback Times on Unit 1

Workshop Tuesday, October 3rd, 2 – 3pm – Illustrator: Create a Logo – Register


Th 5

Interviews: Interview-Checklist

Survey for Feedback Times on Unit 1

Workshop Thursday, October 5th, 10 – 11am – Illustrator II: Build an InfographicRegister

Homework for Tuesday October 10th: Read THWG Chapter 2


F 6

Unit 2 Feeder Assignment #1 final due (1-minute video)  (Post to Sakai DropBox) Due at 11:59pm.



T 10 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Busi Work Leads Discussion)

BIR Prep and Research

Michele Hayslette Visit

Library Guide-Just for this assignment!




Th 12–University Day, No Class.

Group Meet to discuss BIR

Thursday, October 12th, 2 – 3pm – Spread Your Social Media Message with Adobe Spark [with Aaron Schmidt, MRC] – Register  (Spark lets you create promotional videos)



T 17 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (“The Good Guys” Lead Discussion)

Business informational report draft due 

BIR Peer Review

Citation Workshop: APA formatAPA format Tip Sheet


Th 19-Fall Break: No Class!


T 24 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Rip-Away 1000s)

BeAM Visit

Sketch up

3D printing

Intro 3D Design and Printing Workshop-Powerpoint.


Th 26

Design Lab Visit

What is Evidence? How do you use Evidence?

Evidence Activity

Passive Voice

Citation Workshop: APA formatAPA format Tip Sheet




F 27

Unit 2 Feeder Assignment #2 final due (BIP)  (Post to Sakai DropBox) Due

at 11:59pm.


T 31 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Risky Business)

Design Lab Visit

Install Adobe Illustrator



Th 2 Effective Presentations and Unit 3 Introduction

Read: The Pitch Deck: Your Presentation at Work, Evan Shields’s Powerful Presentations ppt.

Overview of Launch Chapel Hill Ventures for Unit 3

Boro Beverage



Researching the Company/Library Guide from Unit 2


T 7 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Busi Work)

Letter Writing Activity

Sample Proposal Letter Consulting SGPSample Proposal Letter Consulting Project GLOMO

Presentation of Unit 2 Project in class.

Tuesday, 11/7: U2 Project Due at 11:59pm



W 8 email Grant with 1-2 sentences outlining your idea for Unit 3 by 11:59pm.


Th 9

Writing Persuasive MessagesThe Science of Persuasion

Netiquette: Netiquette Tip Sheet

Unit 2 Survey

Bring TarHeel Writing Guide to Class.


T 14 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (“The Good Guys”)

Unit 3 Feeder 1 DRAFT due in class (Proposal Letter

Rec Report Proposal Peer Review


Th 16

Writing the Recommendation Report

Rec Report Powerpoint

Rec Report Writing

Unit 3 Feeder 1 Final Due Sakai Dropbox by 11:59pm (Proposal Letter) 


T 21 Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Rip-Away 1000s)

Unit 3 Feeder 2 Draft Due (Progress Report)

Progress Report Peer Review

Writing Persuasive MessagesThe Science of Persuasion


Th 23-No Class, Thanksgiving


M 27 Unit 3 Feeder 2 Final Due Sakai Dropbox by 11:59pm (Progress Report)


T 28 Writing Workshop

Bring TarHeel Writing Guide to Class.

Unit 3 Rubric


Th 30  Project Draft of Recommendation Report Due in class 




T 5-Last Day of Class

Tuesday Roundup of Business News (Risky Business)


Th 7- Final of Unit 3 Project Due: Recommendation Report on Sakai Dropbox by 11:59pm


Friday December 8th–Final Portfolio Due by 3pm